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Allen Consulting Group "Employment is an investment in the future.
My advice is to do whatever it takes to get the best individual for the job."
- Andrew Carnegie -
Allen Consulting Group "Find a job that you love and you will
never have to work another day in your life."
- Confucius -
 Allen Consulting Group "Management is doing things right;
leadership is doing the right things."
- Peter F. Drucker -
Allen Consulting Group "The single geatest competitive advantage in business is superior people."
- Allen Hamilton -
Allen Consulting Group "A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way."
- John C. Maxwell -
Allen Consulting Group "People rarely succeed unless they
enjoy what they are doing."
- Andrew Carnegie -
 Allen Consulting Group "We make a living by what we get,
but we make a life by what we give."
- Winston Churchill -


Respect & Trust:

As a top-notch professional, your current position demands your full time and attention. Moreover, it is paramount that your unique professional and personal situation is addressed with the utmost of respect and trust. Only through consistency -- and by reputation -- can an executive recruiter demonstrate the highest level of professionalism that you demand.

No Pressure:

The best executive search placements happen when the candidate has the time to make a measured, well-considered decision. For this reason, the search consultant should never try to hurry your decision or put undue pressure on you to accept an offer. If the client company has a firm deadline for the acceptance of an offer, you will be informed with all due professionalism.

A Trusting Relationship:

Just as you want to succeed in finding the "perfect placement" for your career, your recruiter wants to succeed, as well. In a trusting relationship, you can be sure that confidentiality, cooperation, full disclosure, communication, and respect & trust will ensure a successful outcome for you, your new company, and your recruiter, too.